Why Do I Blog?

I would often ask myself, what can I do, to make sure that my voice can be heard? As you may or may not know, I am a rather opinionated person. Yet, I like to think that I have very few biases. I treat everyone just about equally, unless you’ve wronged me, than I treat you less equally. Many months ago now, about 3 so maybe not that many, I decided to give my hand at writing a blog. I figured that it would be a great way to get my opinions out there, and maybe help some people along the way. It was a rough start to things, as far as blog go I think. I take things to heart pretty quickly, and was pretty disheartened that what I was writing wasn’t as groundbreaking as I wanted it to be. The longer that I’ve been blogging, the longer that I see that I am not unique in my quest. There are thousands of other bloggers that write, while not the way that I write, about mental illness and their experiences with it.

I had hoped when I started, that I could just write what I wanted, and the views and follows would just come on their own. Alas, while I still write what I want, I’ve discovered that I was naive to how this all worked. Just because people like what you write doesn’t mean that they will like everything that you write. I’ve had a tough time coming to the realization that I won’t go viral, I won’t get millions of hits, and I’m coming to the fact that I need to be okay with that. That I write what I want to write, some people will like it, others won’t. That’s just the way the world is, and again I was just naive. I’m still glad to be doing what I am, and bringing help to not only myself, but to the various others that I can.

The main reason that I started this blog is to write what I’m going through with my battles in the hopes that others know that they’re not alone. I think that I’m accomplishing this goal. I write for several blogs now, not just this one, further increasing the help that I’m able to give. I never really liked writing, but I’ve been told that I’m rather good at it for having no classical training in the matter. I feel like my writing is on the rather odd side, as I often try to write as though I’m having a one-sided conversation. I don’t know how people feel about my writing, but I am starting to like to write. I hope that you all enjoy reading, and that I can help as many of you as I can.



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4 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    Hi Alan, I don’t get a chance to comment as much as I would like to, I want you to know that your blog is one of my favourites, you are a relatable and gifted writer and your words reach right into the souls of the people reading them. I don’t know if you participate in blog awards but I have just done one called The Mystery Blogger Award and you are one of my nominees, you can check it out here: http://www.thecolourofmadness.com/2018/04/20/mystery-blogger-award/ if you like 🙂 xoxo Kate

    • alanwolfgang says:

      Thank you for the nomination!! I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog and hope you continue. I will write up a nomination article this weekend, thanks again!

  2. I am just a teenager but writing somehow brings a sense of peace in me or rather I could say it helps in cooling me down as a teenager has this boiling blood always
    So it feels great to blog though I have only 2 followers but I write cause I like writing

    • alanwolfgang says:

      While I don’t necessarily like writing, I too find that it “cools my boiling blood” as you put it. But so long as you enjoy writing, than please continue

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