Why Anime Is So Important To Me

If you’ve never seen, and/or heard of anime, then let me explain it to you. It’s a Japanese form of entertainment, that is most of the time completely animated and or CGI. It can be very story driven, or just a combination of wackiness meant to amuse. Regardless of what type of anime that you may or may not watch, there are a lot that give some pretty well written life lessons. I love anime very much, it is a great time passing activity that I enjoy. It’s very easy to get lost in the plot of some, especially those set in a fantasy environment. Even those animes that are focused on realistic plots, usually find themselves throwing some extra excitement into the mix with an overpowered character or something like that.

I often find myself drawn towards shonen style animes, which while I don’t know be exact translation, always seem to be focused on a main character and their group of friends trying to achieve a very high ambition. Those types of animes are very inspiring. For example, my favorite is about a boy attempting to become the pirate king. While I’m avoiding mentioning the name directly, to avoid copyright issues, anyone who is the slightest bit into anime knows which one I’m talking about. The main character of this show, despite being not the most intelligent person, never gives up in anything that he does. That’s why I really love the stories that these shows tell. They are riddled with characters that have tons of strife and complex backstories, mental health issues make appearances too, although they’re never outwardly stated. Yet, almost every single one you’ll find, the main character never gives up. They often give me hope for my own situation, that if I continue to try, things will eventually work out.



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