When Anxiety Takes Over

It’s an incredibly strange feeling, having a certain panic overwhelming your senses. Dealing with anxiety and depression is difficult, sometimes very. If you’ve ever experienced a heightened feeling of anxiety, than you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Whether your anxiety is stress, environment or just life induced, you know what it’s like to experience the crushing pressure of an anxiety attack. It is at its worst, completely debilitating, preventing you from doing just about anything. Fighting through these attacks, is nearly impossible. If you can muster the willpower to continue through your anxiety, no matter what activity you’re doing, it’s similar to a survival response. Like I said dealing with anxiety and depression is hard and it’s a continuous battle.

In a prior article, The Power That Anxiety Holds, I have discussed what I believe to be the origins of modern day anxiety in the fight or flight response. I again hold true to that statement, because in the depths of a panic attack, it feels like you’re trying to fight for your survival. I personally have had experiences like this where even to the next day my muscles are still tense, and my chest is still tight.

For example, several years ago, I had crashed my car into a bridge after sliding on some ice on my way to work. I was fine, and the car I was in was more or less unharmed. However, ever since then I am unable to drive in winter weather.

Signs of a panic attack coming on

I will now try to describe some of the symptoms of anxiety disorders. I begin to hyperventilate, all my muscles tense, my chest gets tight, I’m holding the steering wheel with a death grip, and I feel like I downed a dozen pots of coffee. It is a terrifying experience to go through, and is incredibly unhealthy to the body. I also experience a similar feeling when I’m in a large crowd. The first time I went to a convention, I had to leave the convention center and get some air, because it felt like I was suffocating. You are probably shaking your head in agreement, saying that’s exactly how it feels! If you’ve ever had any anxiety of panic attack then you know this pain.

How to calm down from a panic attack

What to do when having an anxiety attack? Well, there are a few ways to deal with anxiety, but you need to find what works best with you. If you can, the best is usually to remove yourself from the situation and be somewhere else. There are many more ways, but as I am not very well versed with treating anxiety, I am going to leave that to the professionals. When I learn more on how to get over an anxiety attack I will let also let you know.

Been dealing with anxiety and depression for some time and I know it’s always good to talk about it more as there’s always more to learn. If you relate to my experience, I want to hear your story, let me know what kind of situations cause your anxiety, and what you do to alleviate it.



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2 Responses

  1. Lawrence says:

    I’m bipolar 2 with affective disorder and a severe anxiety disorder. I have been living with this since my teenage and I’m 53 now. To this day I don’t know why anxiety kicks in as it is never the same pattern. Peace Lawrence

    • alanwolfgang says:

      I’m not sure myself what triggers some of my anxiety, I’m getting better at recognizing triggers as that’s an important part of treatment. Yet, sometimes, there is no reason for anxiety.

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