The Power of Staying Positive

When you’ve been dealing with mental illness for some time, being positive about life may probably seem like the most difficult thing to do. I most certainly won’t disagree with that, because during my bout with my illnesses, I couldn’t even think of being positive. Each and every day is spent solely trying to get through it. However, there comes a time when being positive about your life, is the only way to make it through the day.

I am a firm believer in karma, in the sense that you get back what you put out. So if you continue to put positive energy into the world, eventually you’ll be paid back with positive life events. Getting out of bed everyday, going to work, managing responsibilities and then climbing back into bed at the end is a pretty full day for someone with mental illness. Yet, if you look at these actions in a more positive light, you can begin to see them for the accomplishments that they are. Being depressed, or managing anxiety can feel like a ball and chain attached to your ankle. So getting these menial things done should feel like you made it to the olympics!

There is also something to be said about finding the silver lining in negative things. If you look for any kind of positive effect in everything, things will be less dismal and bleak. Doing this can really ease the burdens that you may feel while dealing with your mental illness. Whether you’re on the road to recovery like me, or still trying to find the beginning to your path, having a positive outlook can change your entire life. I know from personal experience that this is difficult to do when you’re in the depths of your illness, but there are a few ways you can put a little positivity in your life while you’re feeling awful.

Seek Professional Treatment

The first and foremost is to seek professional help for managing mental illness. Whether that be a certified clinician for “talk therapy” or a licensed psychiatrist to prescribe medication. Either of them, or both combined, can really bring light to your dark and cloudy environment. Plus I think that these are definitely the first logical step in any journey to recovery for mental illness.

Celebrate the Little Things

The next is something that I have mentioned before, even directly above, but is definitely in need of repeating. Treat any and every little thing like a victory and celebrate. You got your laundry done, celebrate. You went to work today, go to a restaurant for dinner. You made it through the day without suicidal thoughts, hunker down with some ice cream and binge some tv. It’s important to feel like you’re getting important things done, even if you’re not, so that you feel accomplished in your day.

Slow Your Roll

Last but not least is to take things slowly. If you’ve been battling your illness for countless years or even a few months, recovery doesn’t happen overnight. You won’t be able to instantly look at everything positively, or even get to a place where life doesn’t suck, not right away anyways. I’ve found that we are so often in a rush to feel better, that we build the foundations of a healthy lifestyle too quickly, and it usually collapses before we can really feel healthy.

Just remember, being positive is an incredibly powerful mindset. It may not stick right away, but stay with it, because you’ll feel better eventually.

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  1. Praise yourself about one thing daily. Something that is about you.

  2. Thank you for the reminder.

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