The Dangers of High Functioning Depression

The thing about depression is that it makes pretty much every aspect of life difficult. This usually makes it pretty obvious to those who know you that you’re acting different. Whether it’s a decrease in energy, isolating, decrease of increase in appetite, the signs of depression are pretty noticeable. Unless of course you have what is referred to as “High Functioning Depression”. High functioning, refers to being able to handle all your daily responsibilities, and none of your symptoms show. Needless to say, you are most certainly still depressed, despite being able to work proficiently, hang out with friends, do housework, etc.

I myself like to think that I’m high functioning, at least in a professional setting. None of my coworkers know that anything is wrong with me. Despite the fact that I am usually a mess when I get into work, mentally, and barely hold myself together through the day. However, when I get home, all of that stress of hiding my symptoms just spills out, and I’m usually paralyzed, just able to lay in bed. So maybe I’m not that high functioning after all.

The true dangers on High Functioning Depression lie in convincing yourself that you’re okay. You begin to think that your depression isn’t that bad, if it was, you wouldn’t be able to do all that you are. You begin to think that you can just power through, and not pay any mind to the beast lurking inside you. If you stay busy enough that you won’t even have any time to be depressed. You’d probably be right, for some time anyways. As high functioning depressed people, often don’t even realize that they’re depressed. Yet, after a while, the depression will begin to wear you down, making what you’ve been doing with ease, get harder and harder. It does this slowly, so that you don’t really realize that you are getting worse. After a while, you think that you’re feeling worse due to the stress or the effort that you’ve been putting out. Behind the scenes, your depression is setting the stage for a total meltdown, masking every move it makes behind your drive to succeed.

Ultimately, all the hard work and drive cannot stave off mental illness forever. You will crash, hard, and your whole life will be turned upside down and thrown across the room, and smashed against the wall. A mental breakdown, which you probably knew was coming, deep down, will change your life forever. So, just get the help you need now, rather than trying your best not to show your depression. That’s just adding fuel to the fire, and giving depression control. When it comes to high functioning depression, its best to use some of that high functioning to help address the underlying issues. As depression will not wait forever, it will come for you one day, so start preparing.

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