Self Love is The Best Love

When you hear the term narcissistic, you probably think of some person that is so stuck up and full of themselves, it almost makes you sick. I don’t blame you, I thought of the same type of person while I was writing this out. However, I came to a realization recently. This realization, led me to a question, which in my head questions always lead to fun places. This question in particular stumped me, as I was unable to find an explanation for it. The question that I came up with, is why is narcissism such a bad personality trait. Now, it definitely is a pretty awful thing to be, in excess anyways. I ask this question, because, as narcissism is normally thought to be an extreme love for one’s self. In most cases, this leads the person to come off as annoying and full of hubris.

Now, let me turn your thinking on its head for a minute here. Why is loving yourself such a bad thing? I think that being narcissistic, at least a little, would be good for you. Why shouldn’t I love myself? Why shouldn’t I be proud of the things that I’m good at and boast about them. These types of actions are seen as distasteful when used about one’s self. Yet, when you apply these same actions to another person, ie boasting about how great your “insert relative here” is a whatever, it doesn’t seem so bad. That’s something that I can’t understand. The fact that the same thing in two different contexts can be completely different. I would never have thought of this during my more low points in my depression. I think because I the thought of loving myself didn’t even cross my mind. Now though, with the help of medication and good ‘ole weekly talk therapy, I think that this self love stuff is starting to be appealing. I mean, I write, and I think I’m pretty good at that, so…

We need to get this image of a man kissing his mirror out of our heads. One because it’s gross, and two, because self love is a great thing in moderation. You should be proud of what your good at, and put yourself on a bit of a pedestal. Why the heck not, I mean you being a tad full of yourself won’t hurt anybody. So long as you make sure you keep it in check, and don’t fall head over heels for that reflection in the mirror, cus nobody needs to see that. So remember to show yourself some love, because you deserve it!



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