Running From Your Mental Illness

Let’s all agree here that life is hard and usually sucks. That being said, it gets exponentially worse when you have a mental illness. It can turn a challenging yet rewarding life, into something that no one would wish on even their worst enemies. Hence why the need to escape this life is usually something that those with mental illness feel.

For example, I used to escape my everyday life in the bottom of a bottle. Still wish I could drink, but medications and drinking do not mix, especially for me. I’ve also been a long time gamer, and love delving into fantasy world to help me forget that the real world is basically falling apart. Television shows can offer the same solace for a short while, where you get so immersed that the real world just disappears.

I feel like this need to escape is a big part of suicidal desires. The need to escape the ills of live is so strong, that living doesn’t seem like an option anymore. It is quite easy to see things this way, for those of us with depression and anxiety, we would give anything for just a little break from the pain. So we dive into our books, games, shows and even vices to lose ourselves for just a while in order to feel some relief from our illness.

However, with all good things, moderation is needed. As you can probably imagine, drinking was beginning to take over my life, without me even realizing it. You need to be careful that the short escape you take doesn’t turn into a more long term vacation. There are things in our lives that need to be done, regardless of how we feel. So while it would be great to binge the rest of your favorite show instead of going to work, this is not advised. The good news is, you’re more than welcome to partake when you can, as long as you know your limits. Also, don’t worry, whatever it is you would rather be doing, will still be there when you get the time to do it.

So my friends, escape when you can, but don’t forget to come back to real life every so often.

Stay strong everyone!


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