Religion and Mental Health

When it comes to religion, I believe that I’ve made my point on the matter rather clear. I am by no means a believer in any defined religion. Despite being raised Roman Catholic, I no longer believe in Christianity, but am open to the idea of there being something out there that we don’t understand. So you guess you could say that I fall into the agnostic category, of those that believe in something, just not any of the several (thousand) religions that humanity has envisioned.

When it comes to mental health, my mental health specifically, I find it increasingly hard to believe in any god. If I did believe in a god, than I would be acknowledging that I was made this way for a reason. I was put on this earth, just to be filled with overwhelming despair, and desire to end my life. I, in my right mind, cannot believe that an all knowing, all powerful god would make me like this. It’s a constant back and forth that I find myself in. The desire to be spiritual, but the same feeling to denounce all modern, and ancient, religions coexists within my psyche. My mental health, while it can be viewed as an obstacle that I must overcome, is in actuality an endless cycle of suffering. As I’m sure that many of you can agree with me, that if we had a choice to live with mental illness, the vast majority of us would choose life without. I do however, share some similar beliefs with many religions. I believe in reincarnation, and I actually believe that it is the source of deja vu. I believe that there may be one, or many god like beings out there in the cosmos somewhere. Or maybe they exist on a plane completely separate from our own existence, as is commonly believed in most major religions. I believe that there is an afterlife, while not particularly like some religion incarnations of heaven and/or hell. I believe that when we die, we experience our entire lives all over again, and that we can be stuck in an eternal loop of reliving our own lives. I believe that you should be good and kind to one another, which is the “Golden rule” in most, if not all religions. I believe that people are who they are, whether that be just because they’re born that way, or they’re raised that way, or any combination of the two. Personally, I feel that so long as you’re happy with who you are, who am I to tell you that it’s wrong? If you’re not happy with who you are, go ahead and change all you want. You are the only person in control of yourself. While I battle between the thoughts that there is all a destined plan, and life is whatever you make it, I believe that life has its own way of doing things. So long as you’re a good person, and treat others with respect as fellow human beings, than you and I would have no qualms.

While I myself am still undecided about religion, there is a place in some people’s hearts that holds their dedication and belief in their religion. Who am I to say that this is wrong, that just because I don’t believe, doesn’t mean you can’t. I have known many people who have turned towards religion in the darkest times of their lives, and have come out stronger than ever. I wish that sometimes I could put my faith in religion like that, but it’s just not who I am. So if religion helps you deal with you depression, pray away, and don’t let me stop you. If the thought of Jesus watching over you soothes your anxiety, keep believing. If the thought of reincarnation helps you battle your PTSD, that I hope you have a better go of things the next time around. If you read your holy scripture, and feel more centered and in control of your Bipolar, then read until your eyes dry up (not really though). If spreading love and affection is more your speed, than preach away my friend. Religion can be, for some people, a sturdy rock that they can lean against when times get tough. For me, I’ll just never be able to see it that way. Yet, I will keep the belief that things will get better for me, and I hope they do for you too.



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