Plans Often Go Astray

Some of you may have noticed that I did not post anything this past weekend. When I started this blog, I made a promise that I would be posting every single day. Although I made this promise to myself, I feel as though I also made it to all of you, my wonderful readers. The reason behind this promise, was that mental illness doesn’t take any days off, so neither would I. However, my mental health has been deteriorating at a steady pace. I can feel myself slipping back into my old habits, avoiding self care, and welcoming back my old friend, suicidal ideation. As you probably all know, it is an incredibly unpleasant feeling, to say the least, when you feel this foundation of health that you built begin to crumble.

Due to this fact, I thought it would be wise to take the weekend to focus on myself, and “recharge” my mental health batteries. The good news, is that after this weekend of focusing on myself, I feel like I regained enough energy to once again tackle my mental health. I’m not necessarily back at full steam, but I finally feel that vigor returning to me. This will allow me to get back into the self care routine that I had been building. Also, because I’ve been in this “funk” for the past few weeks, I figured I’d take my own advice and get back to the gym (You all know how much I love to rave about the benefits of exercise).

Taking the weekend off helped me realize something that I’ve been thinking about for some time now. Unfortunately was much as I love all of you, and love to write, I had gotten my priorities mixed up again. I had put my blog first, with the growth that we’ve experienced, I thought it best to put most of my efforts into providing good content for all of you. By doing this, I had forgotten that managing my mental health takes the majority of my energy right away. While I am not blaming my blog for my downward spiral, I think that I have been putting too much focus on it and letting my own mental health fall by the wayside.

Therefore, going forward, The Smiles We Bear will be posting 1 article every weekday, and I will be taking the weekends off to focus more on my mental health, and working on the blog on the side. I have many projects in the works that I think that you all are going to love, and that I love working on. So please bear with me and wait (in anticipation) just a while longer. I hope that all of you will support me in this change, as I hope that one day I will be able to post more regularly. I hope that someday (soon) I will be able to offer a contributing blogging position, to someone that will help this site grow even more with me. That way I will be able to bring you all more of what I love to do, and help even more people out there find the hope that they deserve.

Thank you all so much,


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