Making a 9-5 Work for You

Managing a mental illness can often feel like a full time job because well, it is! You’re managing your own life here, I mean it doesn’t get more full time than that. However, the inevitable sets in, you really want that taco for lunch but you’ve run out of money. So you do what most people do and get a job. Great right? A steady paycheck will definitely alleviate some of your stress right? Well, while you’re not wrong, working steady job, for example a 9-5 office worker *cough cough* can make it very difficult to manage your illness, as well as the other way around. So here are a few ways to keep you on that 40-40 grind (40 hours a week for 40 years of your life) without letting the impending doom set in.

Leave Work at Work

Take it from me, sometimes it gets very difficult working every day, 8 hours a day for a few years. You let your mental health slide by the wayside because the paycheck was more important. Now it’s even more difficult to not bring the stress of work home with you because you’re fresh out of coping skills. The one thing I recommend more than anything is to make sure your professional life stays at the office, or where ever you have your soul sucked out. In doing so, you’ll be able to decompress more easily when you get home, and get back to streaming your favorite TV show.

Don’t Be Friends with Coworkers

That may sound harsh, because it is. Many people have great relationships with their coworkers, and some even met their spouse at work. However, for us, this is a bad move. This begins to blend our work life and personal life, and that always gets messy. We are not well equipped to deal with how messy this can get, because we’re dealing with the mess in our heads. So it’s best to avoid it if possible, until you have your mental illness under control. Because the last thing you need is Janet blabbing to HR about how you puked on her work shoes at the bar.

Work Some Overtime

Whatever you do to get some brownie points with the big boss, is definitely a good thing here. It may not seem like staying 2 hours later than everyone else on a Friday would be good for your noggin, but I believe otherwise. If you get on the good side of your boss, your work will be less stressful, and less stressful work equals easier relaxation at home. So even though working overtime, or taking on that difficult project the boss has might seem like a total downer, it’s better for you in the long run.

If you just so happen to work in one of the worst industries ever, fact not my opinion, of customer service, I’ve written about surviving that before so you should give that a read. Otherwise, we all have to make that money, and for most of us working is inevitable. Let’s at least try to make sure our mental health remains our number one priority.

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5 Responses

  1. Love this post – really informative and actually some great advice – I’m just getting used to the 9 till 5 life as we speak, and it’s a whole different world. Hope to read more!

    • Glad to help! And I’ve been a 9-5’er for almost 2 years now, and it gets really rough, so I’d thought I’d share some insights to help others just like you!

      • I’m a real fan of the outdoors so the big thing for me is just sitting down all day – I set an alarm to go on a stroll every hour but even then I have to go on a run or something when I get home or I just go nutty! Thanks for the advice anyway – hope it becomes a bit more bearable!

  1. March 4, 2018

    […] Social Anxiety in the Customer Service Industry, When to take a “Mental Health Day”, and Making a 9-5 Work for You, and how they affect mental health. However, what if you really, really dislike your job, so much […]

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