How to Control Your Anger, Without Sacrificing Sanity

If you have spent any time inside your own head; you’ve probably come to the realization that the anger that you often feel, goes hand in hand with your mental illness. It is actually no secret that anger is one of the most volatile human emotions. If you throw the difficulty regulating emotions that usually comes with mental illness into that mix, things can get out of hand rather easily. That being said, there are a few tried and true ways that people use to help diminish their anger. So I’ve thrown a few mental health twists in, to make a combination of therapeutic actions that will keep your anger in check, and might actually make you feel better.


Count to Ten

You’ve probably been hearing this one as long as you can remember. There is actually quite good reason for this. As counting to ten actually gives your brain a small bit of time to being removing the chemical triggers of anger. To further improve this method, breathing in before the count, and out after the count can further reduce the levels of anger you are feeling (ex: breath in “1” breath out, repeat)


Stay Monotone

This probably sounds confusing but I’d rather quite simple. What is the main difference between an argument and a discussion? The tone of voice and physical cues. So, if you’re in a tense situation with someone and you feel that anger boiling up, keep it as a conversation. Keep your tone of voice lowered and your body as relaxed as you can get. As long as you make the points you need to make, your anger should subside


Defer Your Anger

What does it mean to defer your anger? Well, you could also ask, what’s the best way to get rid of your anger. The answer would be, to just get angry! However, the key here is not to direct your anger at any person, especially the one(s) you’re angry at. It’s usually best to go beat up your pillow, or scream into it. As long as you’re only hurting inanimate objects, that aren’t super important or breakable, than just flush the anger out of your system the natural way. The twist here, is to express this anger to someone you trust, i.e. a friend or therapist. Let them know why you felt angry, and how you dealt with it, and listen to their view of it


Go to the Gym

Anyone who has been on this blog for long enough knows that I am not a huge fan of exercise. Yet, I will not, and cannot dismiss the huge mental health benefits that it holds. When you are angry, you probably feel like you have a surge of energy. Well, that’s because you do! Your blood pressure rises, heart rate increases, muscles tense, etc. A great way to push this energy into the right direction, go for a run, pump some iron, hit the gym! Let your body use up this extra energy in a positive format. Not only that, but you’ll also reap the normal benefits of exercising once your anger decreases. Not only will you feel better (in the long run, because exercise sucks short term) but you will have completely used up all that anger that you were trying to hold in.


Walk Away

Anger is much like a fire, in that it needs fuel to continue burning. A great way of “snuffing out” your anger, is to take away it’s fuel. When it gets to overwhelming, just walk away and take a minute to recollect yourself. If you’re in the middle of a heated discussion with someone, and you feel as if the monotone approach isn’t cutting it; just tell them that you just need a minute to cool off. If you’re lucky, by the time you get back, the other person will have cooled off as well. There isn’t really any time limit for cooling off, so take your time and really make sure that you are ready to resume the conversation.

All in all,

you need to remember that anger is one of the many emotions that we need to express. Whether you like it or not, you will feel anger, it’s just something we can’t get rid of. How you express that anger, and you really need to, is completely up to you.As always, if you think I missed anything, help eachother out, let us know in the comments below.

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Featured Image: Unsplash: Crown Agency
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Stay Monotone: Unsplash: Jay Castor
Defer Your Anger: Unsplash: Timothy Eberly
Go to The Gym: Unsplash: Kyle Johnson
Walk Away: Unsplash: Redd Angelo

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