Getting Out of the House and Living a Little

Believe me when I say that I can see myself not leaving my house (excluding work) go months. Meaning no personal trips, just sinking deeper and deeper into the false comfort that mental illness provides. I can imagine that you have fallen into the same pit. Not wanting to go out because you’re sick, and being more sick because you’re not going out. There are some serious benefits to getting your butt out of bed and out of those sweatpants you haven’t washed all week.

Being with Friends

I’ve talked about this before, how there is nothing on this earth that will do what your friends do for you. There is a point to be made, that being around your friends actually raises all the feel good chemicals produced in your brain. How? Wel, because you’re genuinely smiling more, laughing more, talking about old good memories, the list goes on and on. Plus if you’re not feeling all to great, your friends can always help pull you out of the proverbial quicksand that you stumbled into.

Fresh Air and Vitamin D

There actually is science that proves being outside is good for you, in moderation like all good things. That is really just relating to physical health though, although your mental health also reaps a few benefits. While I am 100% certain that getting outside will not cure your mental illness, it can make you feel better. You’re in a wide open space, you have the warmth of the sun, the smell of some nice pine trees or something. All of these things can make you feel more relaxed, and more relaxed equals less stressed, less stressed equals and easier day with your mental illness.

Exercise (maybe)

Depending on what you’re doing, where you’re going, who your with, and the temperature outside, your current plans can be drastically different. However, if all of those things are just right, you might be playing a game of catch with a friend, or even taking the dog for a walk. Whatever it is you’ve got planned, you might actually be getting a little bit of exercise out of the deal. While I don’t like exercise, it’s a punishment, it does hold some serious health benefits, both physically and mentally.

What else really is there to say but get your butt outside? Whether you’re just going for a jog, or seeing a movie with friends, just get out of your room at least, otherwise you could end up going stir-crazy.



Huffpost on the benefits of being outdoors

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4 Responses

  1. What is with you and this exercise thing?!?!?

    I’m kidding, I go to the gym 6-7 days a week and what started as a weight loss regimen has turned out to be pretty therapeutic.

    • I have a gym membership and want to start going but haven’t for a few months. Exercise has proven to be a very mental healthy thing, even though I don’t like it I can’t ignore that

      • I didn’t like it at first. I called it Satan’s playground. I had to completely change my mindset it took a little over a month. I post my cardio on Snapchat, my friends say it motivates them which motivates me even more.

        I go alone but it’s way easier to have a friend to hold you accountable. That could help you start going.

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