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The ins and outs of all mental illnesses


How’s It Going?

So, its been a while. Since you’ve heard from me, since I’ve posted to my blog or any social media account. Yet, I feel like today is the day to come back. To make...


I Want To Die

I am not suicidal, but I just don’t want to live anymore. Don’t worry, I’m safe.


We Are Now On Facebook

Hello World! It is I, Alan Wolfgang, proprietor of The Smiles We Bear. I hope everyone is doing well! As you may have noticed, we are currently undergoing some major changes. Fear not! We...


Moving Onward

Moving forwards in life is an inevitable event, that will ultimately change everything


We Are Survivors

Life teaches lessons harshly to those with mental illness. But we take these lessons to heart and become stronger through them


We Are Now On Instagram!

Just another way we are building a community designed to help people in need, and end the stigma surrounding Mental Health