All You Need to Know About Mental Health

You may be wondering to yourself, “why should I speak up about my mental illness.” The truth of the matter is, talking about mental illness, while it has improved, is still highly stigmatized in today’s society. There is shaming, confusion and general ignorance when it comes to this topic, especially for those who have never had any contact with mental illness.

Well, the general aim of the mental health community as it is now, it to end this stigma with talking about mental health. This is incredibly important, because talking about your illness is half the battle. I myself am a firm believer in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) even though I’ve had mixed success with it. Simply the act of expressing your concerns, pain, trauma has been clinically proven to abate some of the agony that someone may be feeling

As it stands, right now, there is a general feeling of dismay when it comes to talking to other people about a mental illness you may be experiencing. However, it is incredibly important to speak up and talk with someone, anyone, that you feel comfortable with. Just because you are suffering, doesn’t mean that you have to shoulder the burden yourself. I cannot stress that enough, because if someone keeps all that inside, it will only lead to more problems.

If you take anything away from this short article, then please, just know, that there are people there for you, whether you acknowledge it or not. We, as part of the mental health community, have a calling to help each other get the best help available. So, do your part, and don’t judge someone for having a mental illness, be more open to the reality that you can, just by talking with someone, save a life.

Photo Credit: Unsplash: Pawel Nolbert

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