About This Blog

pexels-photo-433495.jpegHey There!
My name is Alan Wolfgang, and I am the founder as well as one of the authors of Smiles We Bear. I created this site as a means to develop a strong, close knit community of mental health warriors, like myself. The reason being, is that this community that I strive to build, will share the experiences they’ve encountered during their own battles with mental illness. We do not have to struggle silently, nor do we have to struggle alone. Not only to we try to help those fighting mental illness get through their tribulations, but also share tributes to those that lost their fights. It is an idea that I mulled around for quite some time before actually going through with it, but I am glad I did. Now we have an ever growing group of like minded people who have walked in each other’s shoes, and can really connect to one another.  This site is a resource for people who feel like they have nowhere else to turn, constantly fighting back their own demons and darkness. This site is a resource for people who have never experienced mental illness, but what to be informed, to better understand those affected. This site is a lighthouse in an ever deepening darkness that is someone’s mind struggling with mental illness.

Just in case you wanted to know, we post as of right now, 1 post every weekday (Monday-Friday) at 12 noon EST. This may change in the future, but for now, that is the current schedule. So keep your eyes out for new articles every day, 5 days a week, including holidays. Everyone needs to take a break sometimes, especially when they are fighting mental illness.