A Bright Side to Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is a bane to all of us that like to be around other people. It prevents us from flourishing in environments where social connections are a necessity. However, did you know that there are actually some silver linings to experiencing mild to moderate social anxiety.

  • You are more articulate

You formulate all your conversations in your head prior to actually starting them. While sometimes this may prevent you from joining conversations, this will more often allow you to choose your words more carefully.

  • You are more considerate

As you are more thoughtful towards other people’s reactions. So you are more careful with how you word things so that no feelings get hurt.

  • You have stronger connections

It may be more difficult to create bonds between yourself and other people; but the ones you can make, are that much stronger. You value friendship much more because of how hard you had to work to obtain it.

  • You are courageous

It may not seem like it, but every conversation that you have proves how truly brave you really are. The fact that you fought and won versus the anxiety attacks, and actually talked to people is worthy of a medal.

  • You are more intellectual

When you’re with your friends, or the people you’re comfortable with, you seem to be the brightest star of the bunch. The reason is, because you are able to take all sides into account and make statement from all viewpoints. All that overthinking might actually pay off!

Needless to say, even if there were a million good things about Social Anxiety, I’m pretty sure that all of us would still prefer not to have it. At least this way, you can mark down some wins in your book to weigh against the bad. It won’t change your life, but at least you can not only see bad things when you look at your Social Anxiety.


Alan Wolfgang

Photo Credit: Unsplash: Austin Ban

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