10 Ways to Survive a Depression “Danger Day” (Depressive Day)

If you of someone you know is considering suicide, please call 911 immediately, it can save a life

I would like to state the obvious here, I am in no way a medical professional, and the following article is based solely on my own personal experiences.

Also as a forewarning the subject matter of this post may be sensitive to some of you, discretion is advised.

When you are suffering from depression, and you are able to recognize that you are having a depressive day or what I like to call a “Danger Day”, you’ve already made a step in the right direction. A “Danger Day” I classify as a day where your depression is at a peak, and you may be contemplating taking your own life, please, I have 10 ways on how to ease the pain and make it through what you may be feeling right now. It’s hard to realize how to get out of depression when such a day hits and you feel like there’s no way out so here’s a bit of help.

The most important thing to remember is where to get help for depression and anxiety. The next numbers will help so if you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call 911, or at least a suicide hotline from the ones outlined below:

Crisis & Suicide Hotline

(800) 923-4357

National Suicide Prevention Hotline


(Online Chat also available)

Please, please, call, text, chat, anything that will keep you alive. Believe me, it’s worth it

So, now what you’ve come here for, the following are 10 ways to survive a depression “Danger Day”. These have been successful for me, and I hope they will help you as well; but unfortunately, I cannot guarantee they will be successful for you.

1. Listen to your favorite song

This may sound pretty simple, but trust me, using music therapy for depression works. All you have to do, is put your favorite song on repeat and let it play. Again and again and again, until these thoughts aren’t as “loud” in your head. Even if you have a playlist, that works too, although I’ve found a single song works best. There are a lot of anti depression songs online so do a search and start listening.

2. Think about someone you love when a depressive day hits

Now, this will definitely be painful, but it is certainly effective. Just make sure you have some tissues ready, because you will cry. Your parents, your friends, siblings, significant other, think about what their life would be like without you. Like I said, this will hurt, but that pain you feel, imagine giving that pain to those you love. After a while, you’ll probably realize that you can’t inflict that kind of pain on people dear to you, so don’t inflict it on yourself.

3. Phone a friend, family member, therapist

This is kind of a tie into number 2. But that person you hold so dear, that you couldn’t hurt; give them a call. Now, before you think about it, you aren’t burdening them, or being annoying. These people, if you were on the edge, would do anything and everything in their power to pull you back. Even if you’re interrupting an activity that they are doing, I’m certain that once they hear why you called, they will drop whatever it is they are doing and help you as much as they can. If you don’t have anyone close that you can talk to about this, call a hotline, or even your therapist – on a depressive day this can save your life so please do it. This might seem scary, because you can be seen as a danger to yourself and be sent to the hospital, but it may turn out that it is exactly what you need to stay safe.

4. Put a pin in it

If you have ever been in the situation where you feel your depression is winning, than you know that you’re not thinking clearly. Tell yourself that you’ll wait, sleep on it, watch a movie, play some video games, do whatever it is you can to put off making up your mind about doing something based on a depressed way of thinking. This is my instant go to whenever I feel like I’m losing control of my life. I had a professor in college that used to be a swat negotiator, and he said that the human brain can stay in state of heightened emotions for 15-20 minutes until rational thought returns. So, aim for 20 minutes of distraction, and if you still feel like you’re in trouble; then it may be time to call someone.

5. Spend some time alone

Now this is a double edged method to ease your anguish. I say that because it can easily develop into a bad habit or isolation whenever you’re feeling down. That being said, sometimes excluding yourself from your stresses can be extremely helpful. Don’t try to spend too much time in your own head, but simply vegetate for a while, maybe under some warm blankets, and just exist separate from your problems in life…if just for a little while.

6. Indulge, just a little

You probably already know the wonders of comfort food, a comfy set up on the couch, and a good movie. Whatever you usually enjoy doing, double down for a short while. Don’t overeat, as that can develop into a bad habit as well, but a little extra this one time won’t hurt. If you want to take a more natural approach, St. John’s wort and Saffron are some of the most effective herbal remedies for depression. Really dig into the comforts life has to offer, and it’s okay to over do it, as long as it isn’t all the time and just on a depressive day, and it saves your life.

7. Bawl your eyes out

Now I’m not much of a cryer myself, but I cannot deny the incredible exhaustive abilities of crying your eyes out. Sometimes, when your brain is moving a mile a minute, or you can’t get those dark thoughts out of your head, just cry like it’s all you know. Plus, for an added relaxation effect, hop in the shower and cry your brains out. The hot water soothes your body, and the tears soothe your soul. As a bonus, nobody can really hear you crying in the shower, and you can combine this with some relaxing music for stress relief.

8. Think about your future, and dreams

Anybody who’s been in a dark place can attest that the future is probably the last thing on their mind. I want to challenge that. As most dark thoughts are led by pain in the past and present, with dim expectations for the future. However, I always like to think that the future is completely unknown. You can estimate and plan as much as you want, and it can turn out completely different than expected. Take this idea, and apply it to the hopelessness that is felt toward the future. You may feel really certain that things will only get worse, but you have absolutely no idea what will happen. The probability that the things you’re thinking of will actually come to fruition are incredibly low. Who knows if you’ll find love, get that job, be a celebrity, get a Nobel prize…NOBODY that’s who. There is a reason they say the past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present. So, just make it through today even if it’s a really depressive day, you have no idea what can happen to you tomorrow.

9. Hit the gym

Exercise may seem impossible from the bottom of the hole you’re in, but believe me, there is a science as to why exercising could give your mood a boost; especially on such a depressive day. If you’re not the type for weights, get on the treadmill, bike, or something else low impact. Also keep in mind, you’re not training for the olympics here, just break a sweat, get that heart beating, and you’ll feel better after. Although it will most certainly suck while doing it, I cannot deny that. But you have to consider which hurt would you rather feel, your depression, or some burn from squats. Then when you get home, get in the shower, cry and listen to your favorite song! (Ways 1 and 7 again)

10. Stay calm, and Carry on

This is also pretty straight forward, and also a bit cliche, but it is tried and true throughout time. Anyone who is struggling with depression (or just having a really depressive day) needs to know that it will get better, and that you will not be depressed forever.

Which is what I would like to say, but it is just not true. Unfortunately for some, depression is a lifelong affliction, and will not go away (on its own-important!). We all wish that there was a cure, a magic treatment or pill that just gets rid of the depression, but that’s not the world we live in. HOWEVER!! That does not mean that there is no hope for us. With the correct mixture of medication and therapy, we can live a near depression free life. Now this will take work, and determination, as not all medications or treatments will work. You will find what works for you, and I can’t lie, you won’t always be happy, but you certainly will feel better.

In summary, depressive thoughts are not something that you have to deal with alone. Also it’s not something you have to deal with now. If you’re in a bad spot, and having a depressive day, try what I’ve listed above, and I wish you the best of luck.

Again, if you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, call 911. You may save a life, even your own

Photo Credit: Unsplash: Lily Lvnatikk

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